Friday, January 28, 2011

What the Nanny Does When You Turn Your Back!!!!!

 It's food coloring! Nanny Dad came home, assessed the situation, and said, "As long as the kids' hair stays one color..."

Advice to Parents, From Nanny #1

Dear Parents,
     Why are you so gross?
Your Nanny

Do not, EVER, under ANY circumstances, allow me to go into your bedroom to retrieve your

child/ dog/ sheets/ dry cleaning,

if you have left out in FULL VIEW OR HAPPENSTANCE your

"maritial devices"/ "nudey pants"/ "shocking photographs"/ "loose paraphernalia"


Just don’t let it happen. 


Every  nanny  and babysitter has a story like this, we don’t need two.

Because we totally will tell our friends.

And laugh.

Because we are the mature young adults you trust to watch your children.