Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This One Thing Part 1

So what does it mean that I get little celeb crushes on gay characters/ actors? I think it's a *debacle.* As in, sudden, disastrous, downfall.
Luv em.
Modern Family
Cam Tucker played by Eric Stonestreet

In this case, it is the character I love, because apparently this guy is straight and based the character on his mom. :( Who can resist his sensitivity, his emotion, and his desire to be a "stay at home mom/ trophy wife" and take care of little Lily. Who can resist his surprising grace and those shirts with contrasting cuffs and collars? 
Not I.

Sam Tsui

He's a student at Yale who rose to Youtube fame. He does fantastic covers of pop songs like Don't Stop Believin' (Glee Cover) and Fireflies, but the best are his medleys, written by Kurt Hugo Schneider.  Micheal Jackson, commemorating his death, and Lady Gaga. Very creative and fantastic energy. I personally think his pretty voice is something special. He's on itunes.

David Hyde Pierce

One of the great loves of my life. He won the Tony for Best Actor not long ago for his Broadway performance in Curtains. We of course remember him for his charming portrayal of Niles Crane in the sitcom Frasier. In this case, he is adorable both in himself and in his characters.  Niles... so snobby, so smart, so sweet, talented, he was too cute in his dapper outfits, lavender suspenders and all. And he was totally whipped by every woman he dated. Just about the perfect man, so he deserves better of course.

Too Cute!!
Stay Tuned for more Delightful Men that will never be attracted to me, might be as old as my dad, and may not exist!

This post and accompanying *debacle* were brought to you by the Nerd Mafia, and Word Up, Yo!

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  1. I seriously looked up "debacle" in the dictionary.

    Debacle: a sudden and ignominious failure.

    Lets see.....what's mine?
    attempting to be flirtatious, eating raw fish, and listening to Lady GAGA without my ears bleeding.