Tuesday, September 28, 2010

True... very true Grandma

Today Grandma came downstairs four times! We were very surprised, and included her in the conversation.
Cousin had walked in on her employer- she's a nanny- naked.
Grandma looked at me with wide eyes and said..., "Well it's a good thing she's married now so she wasn't shocked by what she saw."
I said, "Grandma, she was shocked anyway."
She conceded.
When I told cousin, there was a long pause, and then cousin said, "Is she aware I had a child?"
Oh, Grandma, come downstairs and be awkward more often. Put on your stripey pants and we'll talk about the cats and look at old photos.
Your Granddaughter


  1. You are very lucky. I wish we'd talk about cats. Everytime my Grandma comes to visit she sits me down and tells me that mental illness runs strong in my family.

  2. BAHH!!! It runs in my family too but this grandma is the sweet naive type, so yeah.